CDATA ( English acronym for character data, character data ' ) is a term from the world of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML ) and its subset XML. We used the two terms CDATA section and CDATA data type.

CDATA section

With a CDATA section a parser is informed that no markup follows, but normal text. The CDATA section has the following form:

The CDATA section can contain markup characters (< ,>, and & ). These are not further interpreted by the parser. Of course, the closing String] ] must not appear ( they would indicate the end of the CDATA section ) > within content. If nevertheless ] ] > is needed in the content, are usually divides the CDATA section into several separate parts and separates the string before the " > ":

Content] ]> CDATA sections are used in XML especially like to facilitate entering and reading long computer programs or even XML code over a larger area. This eliminates the use of predefined entities such as < and &.

CDATA data type

In a document type definition (DTD) CDATA is a data type of an attribute declaration, for example:

See declarations of attributes.