CD project (formerly Optimus SA and CD Projekt RED SA) is a Polish developer and publisher of computer and video games.


1988-2009: Beginning as an IT service

The company was founded in December 1988 in Nowy Sacz under the name Optimus. The company acted as an IT service provider for companies and founded in 1996 the online platform who ran it until 2001. In 2006 the company moved to Warsaw.

2009-2012: Acquisition of CD Projekt

After the Polish game developer and publisher CD project had fallen into serious financial problems in 2009, signed the Optimus SA a letter of intent for the acquisition of the ailing company. The previous owner of the company of CD Projekt acquired 50 % of Optimus SA and so retained control of the company. This reverse takeover in October 2009 enabled CD project so that the market access. On July 25, 2011 changed Optimus S. A. the company name to CD Projekt RED S. A. and merged in October with his eponymous subsidiaries, the development studio CD Projekt Red Sp z oo On September 21, 2012 CD Projekt RED announced to want to continue to lead its distribution business under the company name. At the same time appeared at that address on the Internet a sales platform for games. In November 2012, the shareholders' meeting decided to rename the company CD Projekt SA

Company activities

Localized CD project and sells computer games for the Polish and other Eastern European markets. The company operates the distribution platforms and In addition, maintains CD Projekt own development teams that are responsible for, among other things, for the development of computer role-playing game The Witcher series.