The abbreviation CDS stands for:

  • Cactus Data Shield, a protection system for audio CDs, see Audio CD # copy prevention methods
  • CCSDS Day segmented time code, a time format in space, see Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems # Time Formats
  • CD single, see Single ( music) # CD single
  • Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg, an astronomical data center
  • Centre of Démocrates Sociaux, a French political party
  • Centro Democrático e Social - Partido Popular, a Portuguese political party
  • Centro Democrático y Social, a former Spanish party
  • Cinema Digital Sound, a digital audio recording system
  • Clinical decision support, computer-assisted decision-making in medicine
  • Club German show jumper, a sports organization
  • Codex diplomaticus Saxoniae regiae, Saxon collection of documents
  • Coding sequence, in which the genetic sequence regions which code for the final product, see Gene
  • Combat Direction System, a command and weapons control system
  • Component Design Specification, formal design description with technical developments
  • Computerized Documentation System, see CDS / ISIS
  • Consejo de Defensa Suramericano, the Union of South American Nations Defence Committee ( UNASUR )
  • Convention démocratique et sociale, a Nigerien political party, see Democratic and Social Rally
  • Counterfeit Deterrence System, a copy protection against duplication of notes, see EURion constellation # banknote detection by software and hardware

The abbreviation stands for CdS:

  • Cadmium sulfide, chemical compound
  • Head of the State or Head of the Senate Chancellery, head of the government headquarters in a German country
  • Chief of staff, head of the administrative departments in a military formation

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