Ceadîr -Lunga (Romanian ) Çadır -Lunga ( gag. ) Чадыр - Лунга ( in Russian)

Ceadîr -Lunga ( Gagauz Çadır - Lunga russian Чадыр-Лунга/Tschadyr-Lunga ) is a city on the Lunga ( small river ) in Gagauzia, Moldova. It is predominantly inhabited by the Gagauz people. The population is 19,060.


Economic significance of the agriculture and the further manufacturing related, as well as a textile factory with about 1000 employees. Wages are ( an average of 700 per month in 2004 MDL) for Moldovan standards very low, unemployment is around 45 % (unofficial estimate). The population living in private homes usually (3600 households) or in city-owned prefabricated (2000 households).

The drinking water network only provides hot water, drinking water is fetched from the population from wells that are distributed throughout the city. The supply of electricity is insufficient, at times it comes to the lack of electricity supplies.

The purchases of the population are made at the municipal market in which all goods for daily needs are offered. Almost all private households for own supply its own garden, is grown in the fruit and vegetables, as well as cattle.

Near the market there is also the Museum of Gagauz culture.


  • Igor Novikov (* 1961), Russian painter

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