Cebreros is a Spanish municipality in the province of Ávila of Castile -Leon autonomous region. It belongs to the land Burgohondo - Cebreros -El Tiemblo. In Cebreros the satellite ground station " Cebreros Satellite Tracking Station" was built as part of ESTRACK network, by their enormous satellite dish this is recognizable from a few kilometers from the village.

Customer population

The inhabitants Cebreros called " cebrereños ". The village borders the municipalities of Hoyo de Pinares, San Bartolome de Pinares, El Tiemblo, Robledo de Chavela and on the east by the municipality of San Martin de Valdeiglesias. It is located south of the Iberian mountain system Gredos, the Sierra de Gredos, and is known for its festivals and its good wine.


In Spain, the village is famous because here Adolfo Suárez was born, who was President of the Government of Spain 1976-1981, and as Camilo José Cela, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1989, some time lived here. Cela spent in Cebreros the summer from 1947 to 1950 and wrote his experiences in two of his works, " Jews, Moors and Christians " and " book of the Guadarrama " down. Cela confessed to have spent his summer in Cebreros because its economic situation did not allow him to spend his vacation far away from Madrid.

Important celebrations

In Cebreros the feast of the Virgin is famous. A local Wall and pilgrimage leading up to the chapel, which is located in a river valley at some distance from the village. Also important is the carnival, in which a competition of floats and masked groups takes place. In these competitive groups from the villages Hoyo de Pinares, El Tiemblo, San Martin de Valdeigleisias, San Bartolome de Pinares and the provincial capital of Ávila participate. The cars and masked groups are guided here by the main street of the village.

Pictures of Cebreros