Cedar Point

The park seen from the air.

41.477777777778 - 82.678741666667Koordinaten: 41 ° 28 ' 40 "N, 82 ° 40' 43.5 " W

Cedar Point is an American theme park in Sandusky, Ohio. The park has 16 roller coasters. With Millennium Force, the park has a record track, which is a symbol for the roller coasters was since its opening, and today is one of the most extreme roller coasters in the world. With Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point has Kingda Ka and Formula Rossa after the second- highest and third fastest roller coaster in the world. The newest roller coaster, opened in May 2013, gatekeeper. Cedar Point bills itself as the largest amusement park in the world. With an estimated 3.05 million visitors ( number 16 ) was one of the park in 2010 among the 20 most visited amusement parks in North America.


Cedar Point was founded in 1870 as a park with swimming beach on Lake Erie by a businessman from Sandusky. The park offered guests initially for 10 cents diving boards, a platform on the lake, as well as a clubhouse with the possibility of food, bowling, dancing and moving. With over 130 years long history it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Only in 1892 was the construction of the wooden roller coaster Switchback Railway slow conversion to the amusement park in the modern sense. With the opening of four other wooden coasters 1902-1912 is focused on the operation of roller coasters for guests' entertainment. Cedar Point has 15 roller coasters made ​​out of service until today and currently operates 16 roller coasters. The last roller coaster was disassembled Disaster Transport, which was end of July 2012 closed and demolished for the construction of gatekeeper. The oldest active roller coaster in the park is the Blue Streak built in 1964.


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