Ceintrey is a commune in the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district of the canton of Nancy and Haroué.

With 854 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) is Ceintrey the largest of the 30 municipalities of the canton Haroué, the per square kilometer has a low population density of 40 inhabitants.

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The community Ceintrey in Saintois is at the lower Madon, a left tributary of the Moselle River, 17 kilometers south of Nancy.

The 11 km ² comprehensive area extends over a length of six kilometers southwest-northeast direction on both sides of the Madon. Through the area of the village of Ruisseau de Corps Fontaine flows to Madon, interrupt its tributary up to 70 meters high bank slopes at Madon. The Ruisseau de Ceval, which also flows into the Madon, forms the northwestern boundary of the municipality Ceintreys. In the far south has Ceintrey a share of the distinctive ausbuchtenden two kilometers to the east of the river loop Madon, which resembles a spearhead. The municipal area of Ceintrey also includes a part of the 700 -hectare Forêt de Benney, which reaches up to the Mosel.

To Ceintrey heard of lying north-east of the village center district of Le Point du Jour.

Neighboring communities of Ceintrey are: Pulligny in the north, Flavigny- sur -Moselle and Benney in the northeast, Voinémont to the southeast, and Lemainville Gerbécourt -et- Haplemont in the south, Clérey -sur- Brenon in the southwest and Autrey in the West.


Ceintrey was first mentioned in 1183 in a deed of Touler Bishop Pierre de Brixey to the monastery Clairlieu in connection with Stephen de Synterei.

The Church in Ceintrey was built in the 18th century.

A special feature is the agglomeration of communities Ceintrey and Voinémont that are geographically grown together and only separated administratively. The border between the two communities through the heart of built-up area. About Founded in 1998, the Community of Communes Communauté de communes du Saintois who belong to both communities, issues of regional planning, economic development, and not least the maintenance of primary schools are regulated together.


Since 1962 Ceintrey has seen a constant increase in population.

Economy and infrastructure

A portion of the inhabitants of Ceintrey is engaged in the local agricultural cooperative. In place small craft and service providers (including a post office ), and a natural stone company (Pierre Lembo ) are also located. Many residents of Ceintrey and surroundings commute to the nearby industrial areas in and around Nancy.

Ceintrey is an elementary school site ( l' école primaire ) also for the neighboring Voinémont (le syndicat Interscolaire Ceintrey - Voinémont )


Through the community Ceintrey the Department of Road 913 Metz via Nancy to Mirecourt. The department Straße 5 branches in Ceintrey after Vézelise. In the northeast of the municipal area the motorway-like National road runs 57 (Metz -Nancy- Epinal ). The Ceintrey station on the western Madonufer is on the railway line Nancy- Mirecourt - Merrey, which is operated by TER Lorraine.