Celal Kandemiroglu

Celal Kandemiroglu (* 1953 in Turkey ) is a German -Turkish graphic designer who is mainly engaged in the computer game industry.

Life and career

Celal Kandemiroglu was born in 1953 in Turkey and studied at the Art Academy in Istanbul. He then moved to Germany, where he offered himself drawn comics in 1978 the bastion publisher. He also was active as a title illustrator for films and videos.

From about 1988 he moved to the German computer game industry, where he worked as creative director for Ascaron for studios such as Rainbow Arts, Thailon software, Reline software or later Wings Simulations and last six years. He was as a graphic designer, among others, the development of titles such as MUDS, X -Out, patrician, Fate: Gates of Dawn, Biing, Panzer Elite, Mercenary: Secret Wars, Sacred or Sacred 2

Particularly well known Kandemiroglu was also for his cover illustrations of games. By his own account he was responsible for over 800 games titles illustrations, including for Turrican, Katakis or MUDS. Too, for the magazine PC Player it from 1996 to 1997, the title graphic designers, as well as for the 1996 set Amiga Joker.

Kandemiroglu now lives again in Istanbul.