The Celanese Corporation is a large chemical company in the United States. This also includes the German Celanese GmbH, one of the successor companies of the former Hoechst AG.


Celanese was the name for a newly developed synthetic fiber based on cellulose from the year 1921. Since pulp was the basic substance of the fiber, it was very easy and thus very suitable for clothing. The name Celanese is composed of " Cel " for Cellulosis and " ease" as a term for comfort. The company was later Celanese Corporation of America named and then shortened to Celanese Corp.. renamed.

1987 merged with the American company Hoechst to form a Hoechst subsidiary in the United States with the name Hoechst- Celanese. In preparation for the merger with Rhône -Poulenc and Hoechst AG in 1998 summed up the activities in the area of ​​basic chemicals, sweeteners, as well as the engineering plastics producing Ticona together in Celanese AG. 1999 Celanese AG was brought by a so-called spin-off on the stock exchange by each shareholder received a Hoechst- Celanese share for ten shares of Hoechst. Already in 2004, took over Blackstone the majority stake in the company to bring it a year later as Celanese Corporation, based in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange. Blackstone took it from the higher valuation of chemical companies in the United States. 2006 saw the squeeze-out the remaining shareholders of Celanese AG.


The company produces chemicals, synthetic fibers, engineering plastics and the sweetener acesulfame.

Business data

Locations of the company are in North America, Europe and Asia, significant joint ventures exist in the PRC.

2011, the company had a turnover of 6.8 billion U.S. dollars and employed about 7,600 people. while 73 % of sales outside of North America is erwirtschaft.

Subsidiaries in Germany include the Nutrinova GmbH, a manufacturer of food additives ( sorbic acid, acesulfame ) and InfraServ Verwaltungs-GmbH, Managing Partner of the operating companies of four industrial parks: Infraserv ( Industrial Park ), InfraServ Wiesbaden (industrial Kalle- Albert), InfraServ Wittgendorf ( Gendorf industrial estate ) and InfraServ Knapsack ( chemical Park Knapsack ).

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