Usually called spindle bush, or European spindle tree ( Euonymus europaeus ), illustration.

Spindle Tree-like ( Celastrales ) form an order of € I. Siden


There are woody or herbaceous plants. The simple leaves are opposite, sometimes alternate, their edges are often perforated. Small stipules are available depending on family or missing.

The radial symmetry flowers are usually inconspicuous, bisexual and five, rarely four-fold. The flowers have a double perianth to bloom cladding with free, but often lack the petals. In general, there is a fertile and a sterile stamen circle. Often a Discus is available. The synkarpe ovary is top - to medium ever.


To the order of spindle Tree-like ( Celastrales ) include two families:

The spindle tree -like are the sister taxon to the clade of Malpighienartigen and sour clover -like.

Spindle Tree-like


Sorrel -like


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