Cenade ( Scholten German, Hungarian Szászcsanád or Csanád ) is a town in Alba county in Transylvania, Romania.

Geographical location

Cenade lies to the east of the circle Alba and Zekesch highlands ( Podişul Secaşelor ) in the southwest of the Transylvanian basin in a south-facing side of about 5 kilometers away Târnava Mare (Grand Kokel ). The county capital Alba Iulia is located about 35 kilometers west ( straight line ).


The village Cenade (deprecated Cinade ) was first documented in 1311 and was a village of the Transylvanian Saxons. There was, however, not on crown land, but on Komitatsboden was so inhabited by serfs. First Scholten belonged to the Cistercian abbey Egresch in today Banat. In the 15th century it came to dissolution of the monastery to the diocese Csanád, 1552 to the canons in White Castle. Middle of the 17th century arrived, the place in aristocratic possession and remained there until the Revolution in 1848. Scholten had at that time the third largest area of ​​arable land in the Transylvanian country after Ocna Sibiului (Salzburg) and Slimnic ( Stolzenburg ).

Since the Second World War, especially after the 1989 revolution, it came to the emigration of almost all Transylvanian Saxons. The population lives mainly from agriculture and animal husbandry.


The population is as follows:

As early as the 1850 census put the Romanians, the majority of the population. Since the Second World War, the population decreased greatly, which is mainly due to the emigration of the Saxons, but also to the exodus of Romanians.

The German population lived almost exclusively in Cenade itself, but not in today's incorporated villages.

In several incorporated villages Capu Dealului and Gorgan a census reported separately until 1956. 1966 lived in Capu Dealului still 96 (15 from German ) in Gorgan 50 people. In 2002, only 3 or 7 residents (excluding Romanians ) were registered here.


  • Evangelical church hall, completed in 1407, expanded after 1500. An old organ was replaced in 1917 by the current of Otto Rieger, is a listed building.

Born in Cenade

  • Ion Agârbiceanu (1882-1963), Romanian writer
  • MM binder - Scholten ( born 1933), Transylvanian Saxon writer


  • France Mornant in Canton Mornant, France since 1990