Central Connect Airlines

Central Connect Airlines, also briefly CCA, is a Czech regional airline based in Ostrava and based on the Ostrava airport.


Central Connect Airlines was founded in 2005 and possession is of job Air The specified ICAO code also part of the job Air After you had tried in the Czech domestic market and with charter contracts, the Company has been turned upside down in early 2012 and took over with two Saab -340 passenger aircraft, in late March of CSA Czech Airlines and she ran with it into cooperation. CSA had turn the routes previously served by private aircraft. On the evening of June 18th, 2012 Central Connect Airlines placed the flight operations shortly after the funds were not sufficient for continued operation. The routes were initially unsecured serves. It is aiming at restructuring to resume flight operations again later. Whether this will happen is not yet fest.Bis then the remaining two Saab 340B are used for the Finnish Air100.


Central Connect Airlines currently operates several European line connections and also provides charter flights.

  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Danemark Denmark: Copenhagen Roskilde
  • Germany Germany: Erfurt, Hannover, Karlsruhe / Baden -Baden, Leipzig / Halle, Munich, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart Airport
  • Poland Poland: Poznan
  • Sweden Sweden: Jönköping
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic: Brno, Ostrava and Prague


As of July 2013, the fleet of the Central Connect Airlines consists of two planes:

  • 2 Saab 340B ( operated for Air100 )