Central Equatoria

Central Equatoria (Arabic الاستوائية الوسطى al - ʾ istiwa iyya al - Wusţá, German Central Equatoria ) is a state in southern Sudan.

It has an area of 22,956 km ² and according to the census of 2008, some 1.1 million inhabitants. Its capital city is Juba.


Ethnic groups in Central Equatoria are, inter alia, Bari Bari and other speakers of the language such as the Nyangwara, Pöjullu, Kakwa, Kuku and Mundari.


The state is located in the south of South Sudan, on the border with Uganda and the Congo. It is crossed from south to north from the river Bahr al - Jabal, the source of the White Nile river. Other large cities besides the capital, Juba, Kajo Keji are, Liria, Mangalla, Rokon, Tali, Terakeka and Yei. Smaller cities are Gondokoro, Kaya and Lainya.


From 1919 to 1976, the territory of today's state of Central Equatoria belonged to the province of Equatoria. 1976 Equatoria was divided into two provinces, so that the area is now the province of al - Sharq Istiwa'iyya ( Eastern Equatoria ) belonged. From 1991 to 1994 the area of al - Istiwa'iyya al - wusta again belonged to the newly created state of al - Istiwa'iyya which resembled within the limits of the province of Equatoria 1948-1976. On 14 February 1994 al - Istiwa'iyya was divided into three states, including today's Central Equatoria.

Until April 15, 2006, the State of Bahr al - Jabal was ( بحر الجبل; alternative spelling from English Bahr al - Jabal ), but was renamed by the regional administration of the State to claims to consistency with the designation of other states produce Equatoria ( Western Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria ) and symbolically to separate from northern Sudan, which laid down that name.

In the second war of secession in South Sudan 's capital Juba 1983-2005 remained as a garrison town under the control of the Sudanese government, other cities were, however, temporarily captured by the SPLA rebels.


Central Equatoria, like the other states of Southern Sudan also divided into counties. Other administrative units under the counties are Payams and including Bomas. A County Commissioner who was appointed by the State Governor in agreement with the President, the counties is facing. In Central Equatoria are:

  • Juba County - County Commissioner: Thomas Peter Gore
  • Lainya County - County Commissioner: Suba Samuel Manase
  • Morobo County - County Commissioner Moses Simon Soro
  • Terekeka County County Commissioner: Ali Malou, capital: Terekeka
  • Yei River County - County Commissioner: Juma David Augustine, capital: Yei
  • Kajo Keji County - County Commissioner: Muki Batali Buli