Central Luzon

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Central Luzon is a Filipino region, which includes the largest plain of the Philippines. Also, most rice is produced in the Philippines in the area.

San Fernando Pampanga is the administrative center of the region. The Aurora province was later incorporated in Central Luzon.


The northern boundary of the administrative region represent the regions neighboring Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley and Cordillera Administrative Region represents the can also be reflected geographically, in the north west, the lowlands of the river Agno, in the north of the Cordelliera Central and the Caraballo Mountains, in the east the Philippine Sea.

In the western part of the region extends a wide but long peninsula in the ocean, forming the massif of the Zambales Mountains. This massif separates the central plain of Luzon by the South China Sea and forms the western front of the Philippine Cordilleras. The largest survey of this mountain is the mountain Tapulao, which is also known under the name of High Peak and reaches a peak altitude of 2037 meters. Southeast of the highest mountain is the world's most famous volcano Pinatubo, whose highest peak is 1,486 m above sea level. The southern foothills of the Zambales Mountains extend up to the peninsula of Bataan. This is dominated by the two majestic volcanoes Mariveles and Natib and extends far into the Manila Bay and forms the northwestern part of this great gulf.

North and east of Manila Bay opens the central Luzon plain, which is drained by large rivers, such as the Pampanga and its northern extension extends to the Gulf of Lingayen. In the center of the level, the 1030 -meter-high stratovolcano Arayat rises like an island mountain from the flat terrain. Southeast of the extinct volcano, the Candaba River marshes lay out. The plane is one of the most densely besiedelsten areas of the Philippines and is also one of the most important agricultural regions of the country are the major cities of Central Luzon are Tarlac City, Angeles City and Cabanatuan City. The eastern part of Central Luzon is dominated by the Sierra Madre, which is also known as eastern Kordelliere. The highest mountain in this part of the Sierra Madre is the 1,187 meter high mountain Oriod. Through the establishment of the Angat Dam and the establishment of the Angat Watershed Forest Reserve in the Sierra Madre, this part of the region plays an important role in water and energy supply of Metro Manila. Another great dam is the Pantabangan reservoir in the region. In the southeast forms the border to the neighboring region Calabrazon and metropolitan Manila to complete the region.

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National Parks and Nature Reserves

  • Mount Arayat National Park
  • Bataan National Park
  • Biak -na- Bato National Park
  • Aurora Memorial National Park
  • Minalungao National Park
  • Subic Watershed Forest Reserve
  • Angat Watershed Forest Reserve

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  • Cathedral of Malolos

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