Central Point Anti-Virus

Central Point Anti-Virus ( CPAV ) was an anti -virus program. Developed CPAV by Central Point Software Inc. The software was both individually sold as part of PC Tools. Available were versions for DOS, Windows 3.x, Novell NetWare, Mac OS and OS / 2


In version 1.0 CPAV based on licensed technology from Turbo Anti- virus software company Carmel. The first Windows version was still included as a pure manual scanner in CP Backup - instead of a fuse had to be elected a virus scan. One of the novelties was BootSafe - a program to monitor the boot sector, which was loaded at boot time via the CONFIG.SYS and could also check on boot sector viruses.

Microsoft Anti-Virus

A functionally significantly simplified variant of CPAV 1.4 was included in MS- DOS 6.x Microsoft Anti-Virus DOS and Windows ( MSAV and MWAV ). The real-time scanner VDefend was called at MSAV VSafe ( not identical with VSafe of CPAV ). The online scanner worked with the old susceptible checksums, which contributed to the bad reputation of the program. In addition, new signatures were provided only with a larger time interval and only from Central Point.


Practically simultaneously with MS- DOS 6.0 and the included OEM Version MSAV appeared significantly revised version 2.0 of CPAV, the first time worked with heuristics. In addition, the checksum files have been restructured and renamed to neutralize a specifically targeting these files viruses attack. The old VDefend was replaced by VWatch. The express surface was supplemented by a file manager -like GUI, the main memory requirement was drastically reduced.

The Windows version includes a revised GUI, improved integration into the PC Tools (scan from PC Tools - File Manager) and the ability to scan individual files rather than whole disks under Windows - distributed via multiple drives. The last version was 2.2, which had some small improvements and a slightly higher scanning speed.

After the acquisition

Symantec offered to subscribers of CPAV for the paid period or signature updates, and after a switch to configure Norton AntiVirus to update price.

The technologies of CPAV were included in Norton AntiVirus after the takeover of Central Point part. Visibly recognizable similarities but there is no.