Central Point Software

Central Point Software, Inc. (short CP, the CPS ) was a leading software utilities manufacturers for the PC market. CPS was purchased in 1994 for $ 64 million from Symantec.


CPS was of Michael Burmeister -Brown (Mike Brown) established in 1980 in Central Point (Oregon ), which also established the company's name. CPS was in the 1980s, the main rival of Peter Norton Computing. Its " flagship" of PC Tools competed against the Norton Utilities, Norton Commander and against Xtree and was an integrated graphical DOS surfaces and utility package. CPS licensed the components of PC Tools - Mirror, Undelete and Unformat - Microsoft and IBM for use in versions 5.x and 6.x of the MS- DOS or PC DOS as an external DOS utilities. The PC Tools were ahead of their time in some way. So had the CP file manager integration of archives, docked file viewer with format recognition format instead of treatment based on file extension, full integration of Undelete, using tabs; Symantec claimed that " defrag in a multitasking environment " would be impossible, and the PC Tools ruled it anyway. The "solution " Symantec was to buy Central Point. CPS also created a Macintosh version of PC Tools, Mac Tools.

His other major product was Central Point Anti-Virus ( CPAV ), which was based on a licensed version of Carmel Software Turbo Anti-Virus. The first version of CPAV was integrated into CP Backup, where scan instead fuse had to be chosen accordingly. The entire surface was oriented to the last version of the look and feel of CP backup. CPS licensed kernel Express interface for DOS ( simplified version of the operation requiring higher memory capacity ) and the Windows version of CPAV 1.4 to Microsoft to make Microsoft AntiVirus for DOS and Windows ( MSAV and MWAV ), while at the same time CPAV 2.0 came on the market.


  • PC Tools for DOS & Windows
  • More PC Tools for Windows
  • MAC Tools for Macintosh with 68k processor
  • Central Point Anti-Virus for DOS, Windows, OS / 2, Novell Netware
  • CP Backup for DOS & Windows
  • Central Point Desktop Windows
  • Copy II for the Apple II
  • Copy II PC for DOS ( and optionally as so usable hardware, the Central Point Deluxe Option Board )
  • Xtree


Source: ct & Tomson Financial