Central Queensland University

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The Central Queensland University ( CQU ) is Australia's largest public university. The main campus of CQU is located in the north of Rockhampton in Queensland. At the multicultural university include many regional and international campuses.


The CQU commenced operations in 1967 as the Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education and was renamed two years later at the University College of Central Queensland ( UCCQ ). Only in 1992 it became an official university under the name University of Central Queensland ( UCQ ). The current name was introduced in 1994. In the same year the CQU has developed a partnership with Campus Group Holdings (CGH ), which aimed to open new campuses in Australian and international metropolitan areas. 2001 gave Peter Beattie, the Premier of Queensland, the University of the Premier 's Export Award that she put the most foreign students from all tertiary education institutions in Queensland. The Good Universities Guide awarded CQU, 2003 in the seven categories with five stars from which she was under all Australian universities with the most top ranking.


The CQU is headed by the CQU Council, consisting of Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and both elected and appointed members. The CQU is divided into three departments, each of a Dean ( Executive Dean ) will be performed:

  • Business and Informatics ( German: Economic and Information Sciences )
  • Arts, Humanities and Education ( German: Arts, Humanities and Education )
  • Sciences, Engineering and Health ( German: Natural Sciences, Engineering and Health )

Before the restructuring, which was conducted in late 2005, which became the University of five faculties.

There also exists a student council, which bears the name CQU Student Association.


In addition to the campus in Rockhampton located in Mackay, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Noosa and Emerald each a regional main campus, which dates back to the time of the Institute of Technology. Since 1994, new campuses and teaching facilities were developed in collaboration with the CGH in the Fiji Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in Australia, the Australian are specifically geared towards foreign students. They are as Australian International Campuses (AIC 's ) are known and are located in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. In addition, the CQU also has a significant number of students studying via distance learning.


At the CQU courses are offered in a wide range of subject areas, with a focus on engineering, information technology and operational and economics. Further facilities include among others, medicine, biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, humanities and Performing Arts for courses offered by the university.


The CQU in 2006 foreign students studying on campus in Melbourne, criticized. They saw themselves as victims of exploitation and described themselves in protest even as cash cows, after the majority of the samples had failed in one subject in the field of taxation and accounting. They complained about lack of equipment and that they were given no opportunity to rise up against their rating contradiction. The University of contrast, took the position that only the 38% of students who had passed the exam, the high academic standards of the discipline were enough ..