The company Centrica, listed on the LSE in London, ISIN GB00B033F229, is a British oil and gas company. The company is active worldwide, with an emphasis on UK and North America.

The company was formed in 1997 when the company British Gas plc has spun off a portion of their company and themselves renamed BG plc (later BG Group plc ). In the UK, Centrica 's British Gas brand with one of the largest providers of electricity and gas.

Centrica took over in 1999, the company Automobile Association ( AA) for 1.1 billion pounds. In 2004 the company was again sold AA for 1.75 billion pounds in two European private equity firms CVC and Permira.

In addition, Centrica bought the Dyno franchise group.

Centrica wants to take over 20 per cent of British Energy for 2.55 billion euros of the Electricité de France.

The German subsidiary of Centrica Energy is April 2012 after only a few years closed in the German energy market.


  • Luminus (Belgium )
  • Oxxio (Netherlands)
  • Luseo Energia (Spain )
  • Centrica Energy ( UK ) gas fields
  • Stations
  • British Gas (England and Wales)
  • Nwy Prydain (Wales )
  • Scottish Gas ( Scotland)
  • Dyno- Rod