Ceratites nodosus - limestone - Baden- Württemberg, Germany

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The ceratites ( Ceratitida ) are frühmesozoische ammonites. They are the fifth of the nine orders of the class Ammonoidea. After her appearance in the Permian, they represent the largest proportion of Triassic ammonoids. A characteristic feature of housing are feingezähnte suture patterns. From the ceratites developed in the Jurassic and the Cretaceous in the Ammonitida, the "real Ammonites ."


  • Permian: Xenodiscus
  • Triassic / Skyth: Otoceras
  • Triassic / shell: Beneckaia, Ceratites
  • Triassic / Karn - Rhät: Choristoceras
  • Triassic / Karn - Norian: Tropites
  • Triassic / anise - Ladin: Ptychites
  • Upper Triassic: Cladiscites, Pinacoceras