Cessna 170

From 1948 extended the existing model to Cessna Cessna 170 with four seats it was an enlarged version of the Cessna 140 light aircraft from the model 170, 170A and 170B were over 5,100 copies 1948-1956 built. The first copies of the Cessna 170 from serial number 18003 were sold from February 1948. They had fabric-covered wings, V-shaped wing struts and three tanks in order to achieve the desired range with the more powerful engine Continental C -145 -2.

End of 1948, Cessna began producing the Model 170A, which consisted entirely of metal. The original price amounted to $ 5,995. The aircraft had metal wings with slightly larger flaps, which were from zero to 50 degrees extendable.

The Cessna 170B was introduced in 1952 and produced with several changes by the year 1956. The most obvious change over the 170/170A-Modellen are similar to those of L- 19, the large effective semi- Fowler flaps. The flaps originally had four levels: 0, 20, 30 and 40 degrees. From 1952, the wings were angled at 3 degrees and stretched between the strut and the wing tip more. The shape of lateral and vertical fin has been modified and improved the elevator trim.


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