Cessna 177 Cardinal

The Cessna 177 ( Cessna Cardinal also ) is a light aircraft from the American manufacturer Cessna in Wichita (Kansas).

Technical Features

The machine is a single-engine monoplane, which can accommodate 4 persons. It is not a development of an existing type, but a "clean sheet design " based on an entirely new airframe. Unique features of the machine are the pendulum elevator, a very large, deviating in the form of the other one - engine Cessna aircraft, strong gepfeiltes vertical tail, the very flat windscreen standing and a large, well back translated, not abgestrebten airfoil with laminar, which with some modifications was adopted by the stronger and bigger Cessna 210. Up to the early 1968 version in solid chassis design and 150 hp engine power all models have a constant speed propeller, the RG models have a retractable landing gear ( retractable gear ).


As a Cessna in 1967, the C -210 Centurion presented with an aim free rectangular wing ( in addition to a slight increase in speed of the aircraft above all gave a new, modern look ), it was in the eyes of the Cessna engineers time, the Cessna model of success Skyhawk ( Cessna 172) to replace with a modern successor. The prototype of the new model was initially under the name Cessna C172J (called " J- Bird" ) out. In addition to a completely new cell, the main change was the new rectangular wing of the Cessna 210 with laminar and without brace. This wing came in a lighter version for use. To improve the visibility of the pilot in the new Cessna 177, the vane was placed much further to the rear than was the case in the Cessna 172. In order to allow a very large focal area, comes in the Cessna 177 was the only aircraft from Cessna, a very far to the rear set, large pendulum elevator ( stabilator ) are used. The maximum take-off weight of the first C 177 was 1077 kg. Initially caused a Lycoming O -320 150 hp and not adjustable propeller for propulsion. Due to the relative underpowered, very expensive production ( and thus a high price) as well as problems in the handling of the machine could not break the Cessna 172, the Cessna 177 - production has been further maintained - prevail.

By the year 1978, the Cessna 177 "Cardinal" was (named after the cardinal bird, see Cardinals ) built as a high-priced niche product in constantly improved versions. So the version 177A and B were fitted with fixed landing gear, and 110 or 135 kW drive. From 1969 there was a 180 hp Lycoming O -360 engine with variable pitch propeller for use and early childhood diseases have been virtually eliminated. From the year 1971, a version with retractable landing gear, the C 177 RG (Retractable Gear) was built, which was also produced in Reims, France, under license. The "RG " is driven by a motor 360 Lycoming IO with 200 hp and constant speed propeller. Performance-wise, the Cessna 177RG between the Piper PA-28 " Arrow" and the lighter Mooney models ( with max. 200 hp ) settled.

Total 1978 2.751 machines with fixed gear and 1314 (1543 including licensed production ) were produced with retractable landing gear of the Cessna 177 to the year. The production of the RG took place both in Wichita (USA ) and in the Cessna license works in Reims (France ); the fixed gear versions were produced only at Cessna in Wichita.

The Cessna Cardinal is today ( in the versions FG ( Fixed Gear = not retractable landing gear ) and RG (Retractable Gear = retractable landing gear ) ) is a popular and relatively fast passenger aircraft. A global Club " Cardinal Flyers Online" combines many owners and pilots around the world. The "Cardinal" takes due to your relative exclusivity ( relatively low in stock, very modern and elegant appearance, excellent handling, relatively high power) within the Cessna products a certain special status.