Cessna 180

The Cessna 180 is a four -to six- seater light aircraft of the U.S. manufacturer Cessna.


In the fall of 1951, the development of the Cessna 180 began as a heavier and more powerful alternative to the Cessna 170 project was Web Moore. As the engine power approximately 55 % higher than in the initial model, one was forced to the tail and the rudder to increase to dominate the back torque and the spin -off and landing.

The first flight of the prototype with the registration N41697 was held on 26 May 1952. Pilot in Command was going Cessna test pilot William D. Thompson.

In 1956, the Cessna 182 was introduced as a nosewheel version of the 180 to the public. The Cessna 185, a more powerful sister model with spur wheel chassis, 1960 was added. At times, all three versions were produced in parallel. Over time, it was for the suffix " Skywagon " (about: sky car) the Cessna 185 adopted for the Cessna 180.

Production ceased on 10 September 1981. A total of 6207 machines were produced.


The Cessna 180 is designed as a classic high-wing monoplane of metal construction (aluminum alloy). The fuselage is a semi- Monocouque construction of bulkheads and stringers, on the one sheet envelope was riveted from the outside. The same applies to the abgestrebten wings.

The main landing gear of the Cessna 180 is made from spring steel, the steerable tail wheel is attached to a steel tube.

When a Continental O -470 engine came with 225-230 hp in various model ranges:

Aircraft that were produced 1953-1963, have two side windows. From 1964, the body of the Cessna 185 was used, so that machines of this model years have three side windows. However, there are also some copies of the end of 1962 with three side windows.

Instead of wheels and floats can be mounted when installed from the factory, a special float kit with reinforcements on exposed areas of the chassis.


The Cessna 180 is flown all over the world due to its versatility and robustness to date of bush pilots.

Record flight

In 1964, Geraldine " Jerrie " Mock managed to circumnavigate the globe in a Cessna 180 The Spirit 1953 built of Columbus with the registration N1538C went after the flight into the possession of the company Cessna, where they hung over one of the assembly lines under the blanket on the factory floor been. She is currently on display at the National Air and Space Museum.