Cessna 185

The Cessna 185 Skywagon is a six- seater American light aircraft manufacturer Cessna, from which since 1961 approximately 4,400 units were built in 1985 to cease production.


The Cessna 185 is a further development of the Cessna 180 with reinforced fuselage structure, larger fin and more powerful engines from 260 to 300 hp, compared to the maximum of 230 hp, the Cessna 180 is the duster variant AgCarryall equipped with a tank for 572 liters under the fuselage. The military designation of the USAF 's U- 17th The name Skywagon was later also used for the first Cessna 207.


The single-engine all-metal monoplane has a non- retractable spur wheel landing gear and a piston aircraft engine with up to 300 hp. The propeller is adjustable. The flight characteristics are considered to be good-natured.

Set in a converted version with only one pilot seat, the aircraft is also used by parachute clubs to bring paratroopers to the desired height and settle there.

Military user