Cessna 188

The Cessna Model 188 is a single-engine single-seat tailwheel agricultural aircraft of the U.S. American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company, which has been specifically approved for use in agriculture.


The Model 188 was developed by Cessna for discharging liquid or solid substances for pest control and fertilization on large, sometimes inaccessible areas. The first flight of the low-wing monoplane was on 19 February 1965. During the years 1966 to the end of production in 1983 a total of 3967 pieces were made in four variants. The first versions were given the identical engine of the Cessna 180


The first series of 188 was delivered in 1966 and had a 170 kW ( 230 hp) while motor Continental O -470- R and a tank of 750 liters for liquids; It was produced until 1976 in 53 copies.

The A188 version was made ​​in 1972 with a Continental IO -520 -D, which generated an engine output of 250 kW ( 300 hp). The spray tank corresponding to the first version. From this version until the end of production 1981 1589 pieces were manufactured.

The version AGtruck was introduced in 1972 and had a 1000 liter spray container. The engine corresponded to the version of the AGwagon version, but was either equipped with a McCauley two-blade or three-blade propeller. This version was manufactured until the end of 1983.

In 1979, a T188 on the market, they got a delay of 20 centimeters hull and also a 1000 -gallon tank. The launch mass was 1905 kg with the use of solid fertilizers. The turbocharged engine Continental TSIO -520 - T made ​​230 kW ( 310 hp ) and was equipped with a three-blade McCauley propeller.

In 1983, the production of the entire 188 series has been discontinued. The 188 is flown in many countries due to their robustness to this day.


Pictures of Cessna 188