Cessna 210

The Cessna 210 Centurion is a single-engine passenger aircraft with six seats and retractable landing gear. The first flight was in 1957; until the cessation of production in 1985 over 9200 were built.

The early models (210 and 210A ) had only four places, used a Continental IO -470 engine with 190 kW and still had a abgestrebte wing, while from 1965 with the T210 a cantilever wing has been introduced. With the 1962 model presented 210B 172 and 182, the rear cabin area for the sake of all-round visibility was similar to the same in the models Cessna pulled down.

Were produced versions Centurion as a standard model with naturally aspirated engine, the Turbo Centurion or Turbo Centurion II (from 1972) with turbocharger and the Pressurised Centurion / Pressurised Centurion II with pressure cabin. The versions with the suffix " II" differed only by an advanced avionics equipment.

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