Cessna 411

The Cessna 411 is a light twin-engine propeller aircraft from the American manufacturer Cessna.


The Cessna 411 came out of the never -built Cessna 410 and was intended as a response to the Beech Queen Air. The plane had two Continental Motors GTSIO -520 -C piston engines with 254 kW and provided space for one or two pilots, and for five or six passengers. Thus, it was the largest business aircraft manufacturer at launch.

The first flight took place on July 18, 1962 held the first delivery in October 1964. FAA approval was granted on August 17, 1964. Its customers included the French Air Force. The basic version of the Cessna 411 in 1967 superseded by 411A, which had economical drives, and some have larger tanks.

1965 produced two cheaper versions, the Cessna 401 and 402 Production of the 411 ended in June 1968, after delivery of a total of 301 copies. Successor was equipped with a pressurized cabin Cessna 421

Military user

  • French Air Force

Technical data ( Cessna 411A )