Cessna 421

The Cessna 421 Golden Eagle is a lightweight twin-engine propeller aircraft of the U.S. American manufacturer Cessna. It represents the equipped with a pressurized cabin variant of the earlier Cessna 411 and offers up to eight passengers.


The prototype is designed as low-wing Cessna 421 made ​​its first flight in October 1965, the delivery started in May 1967. The aircraft received two Continental GTSIO -520 -D piston engines.

Since 1969, the improved version exists 421A. 1970 began the production of the 421B with greater span and higher performance. The 421C 1975 received new wings with modified tanks. Since 1980, the 421C was delivered with a revised chassis.

In 1985, Cessna stopped production of propeller aircraft including the 421, after the product liability had been changed in the United States. A total of 1901 copies of this model emerged.

Since then, some Cessna 421 were converted to turboprop engine and thus the Cessna 425 equalized.


The Cessna 421 is still often in use and achieved high prices on the market for used aircraft.

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