Cessna 425

The Cessna 425 Corsair / Conquest I is a equipped with a pressurized cabin twin-engine turboprop aircraft produced by the American manufacturer Cessna.

Development and Construction

The Cessna 425 is a further development of the Cessna 421 turboprop engine and can carry six to eight people. The FAA approval has been obtained in the summer of 1980.

The drive consists of two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A -112 engines.

The first 132 Cessna 425 that were delivered in November 1980, while still bearing the name Corsair. The new name Conquest I was taken over in 1982, after the redesign of the chassis had made higher by 182 kg Takeoff weight possible. The larger Cessna 441 Conquest has since been referred to as Conquest II.

Between 1980 and 1987, 236 aircraft were produced.