Cessna 441 Conquest II

The Cessna C441 Conquest II is a twin-engine business jet for two pilots and up to 9 passengers.

Development and Technology

The C441 is the first aircraft of the U.S. American manufacturer Cessna, which was equipped with turboprop engines. After correcting any initial problems with vibrations at the tailplane, the first models were delivered in 1977.

The C441 is equipped with a pressurized cabin and can be operated at altitudes up to 35,000 feet. The maximum cruising speed of 294 knots, the range at about 2000 km.

With certain modifications, the engines of the type Garrett TPE can be 331-8 - 401S operated at higher temperatures than in the standard version. Through these variants called " Super 8" or " Dash 10 ", the power of the engines are substantially increased (to better climbing performance and higher cruise speed).

Until the cessation of production in the year 1986 362 machines were manufactured.