Cessna Citation Columbus

The Citation Columbus ( also Cessna 850) was as the latest addition to the family of aircraft Citation by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna planned. The proposed on 6 February 2008 model would have had a range of over 4,000 nautical miles ( 7408 km ) and would have been designed for up to ten passengers.

The project was discontinued in July 2009 due to the financial crisis and the resulting decline in demand for business aircraft after it had already been stopped in April 2009. Until the termination of Cessna had invested more than $ 50 million in the project.


The program was first introduced in 2006. On 23 January 2008 $ 780 million was released to the new Citation to realize the Supervisory Board. The first flight had been planned for 2011, registration for 2013, first delivery for 2014. There were (as of October 2008) already 70 orders for the Columbus ago. For production in Wichita (Kansas ) was a new work in the pipeline.

On 9 July 2009 announced Textron, the parent company of Cessna, that the development of Columbus is set due to the difficult situation in the business aircraft industry.

The Columbus would be the largest aircraft manufacturer and with nearly 7500 km also the most trafficked been the fastest model on the other hand, the Cessna Citation X would have remained.



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