Cessna Citation III

The Citation III is a twin-engine business jet from the American manufacturer Cessna, which belongs to the family of aircraft Citation. The Citation IV, VI and VII are successor models, the Citation IV was a project and was never realized.

History and Development

1978 Cessna began developing a new project, that should not be based on the existing models Citation I and Citation II. For the new model, a new hull were (later also used in the Citation X ) constructed new wing with 25 degree sweep and a T-tail. The prototype of the Citation III flew on 30 May 1979, the first time, but was revised. The revised version made ​​its first flight on May 2, 1980 and received on 30 April 1982 approved by the FAA. A year later, the first delivery. Until 1992, a total of 202 Cessna Citation III were built and delivered.

The Citation IV was originally conceived of as a replacement for the Cessna Citation III and should be distinguished by a larger tank capacity, resulting greater range and a shorter take-off distance. The development began in 1989, but was reinstated in the same year.

Instead, Cessna introduced two new versions on the market:

  • The Cessna Citation VI, however, proved to be a flop. A mere 39 units were built until production ceased in May 1995. The maiden flight of the prototype in 1991, the launch was followed a year later. The variant should be characterized by lower acquisition and operating costs, and improved avionics, but it was only with a single interior variant available, which caused the failure.
  • The Cessna Citation VII flew on 2 February 1991, the first time and a year later was admitted and delivered the first time. In this model Cessna replaced the previously dominant problem of take-offs and landings in hot weather due to the density altitude with revised engines. In contrast to Citation VI VII was the positive response and was sold until 2000 119 times.

Was succeeded by the Cessna Citation Excel, in which the trunk was full.


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