Cessna Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang ( also Cessna 510) is a light jet ( Very Light Jet ) of the US- American manufacturer Cessna.


Equipped with two jet engines Mustang is the smallest jet aircraft Family Citation. As standard, the VLJ is equipped with four seats in club arrangement; a fifth passenger is in the cockpit instead of the second pilot course. It is equipped with a glass cockpit, autopilot and weather radar from Garmin. The jet can be flown by a single pilot and its maximum take-off weight less than 4540 kg.


The Cessna Citation Mustang made ​​its first flight on 23 April 2005. Admission on September 8, 2006. Already two months later, on 23 November 2006, the first model was delivered. In February 2010, the 300th aircraft left the factory, until January 2012 400 units were built.