Cessna Model A

The Cessna Model A was the first of Clyde Cessna in the 1920s developed four seat single engine airplane travel. The high-wing aircraft, which was built in the beginning of the series was also designed in the following years series of high-deck models, which are still made today in the Cessna Aircraft Company, founded in 1927.

The construction of the Serie A was an aircraft in a mixed wood and steel tube construction with fabric covering. The Series A was made ​​fitted in a number of variants with different engines.


The variant designation was carried out according to the pattern that, according to the type designation of Cessna, the first letter of the engine manufacturer was followed, on all engines used is air-cooled rotary engines or radial engines:

  • Model AA were built with 120 -hp Anzani engine, 14 pieces
  • Model AC with a 130 -horsepower engine Comet, 1 piece
  • Model AF with an engine of 150 hp Floco - Axelson Engine, 3 pieces
  • Model AS with a 125 -horsepower engine from Siemens - Halske, 4 pieces
  • Model AW built with a 130 -horsepower engine from Warner Scarab, 48 pieces. With this model, Eddie August Schneider flew in 1930 three records. This machine with the lettering Westwind III, is now in the Yanks Air Museum, California.

The Cessna Model B was a three-seat version of the A - model, a seat was due to the enlarged tank.

  • Model BW was equipped with a 200 -hp Wright J- 5 R -790 -5, and 13 units were built.