Cessna NGP

The Cessna NGP was a concept aircraft for a planned future family of single-engine light aircraft with fixed landing gear and a new control of flight performance and fly- by-wire aircraft control, which should be used in flight training and for commercial use. The acronym stood for NGP Next Generation Piston.

The only flying prototype was built by Cessna for testing purposes, and shown for the first time publicly in flight on 24 July 2006 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The machine with the registration N99110 was also presented in April 2007 at the Air Show, Flying For Fun in Lakeland, Florida.


The prototype was presented with a Lycoming IO- 580 FADEC with 320 hp (240 kW). The power setting for both engine and for variable pitch was done with only one lever ( NGP ), is known, this system is the fully digital engine control under the name FADEC. All information required for an aircraft were also shown on color screens and thus replaced the usual and many single pointer instruments. The actual aircraft controlled by fly- by-wire system with sidestick. During the construction of the wings and the fuselage, a high percentage of fiber composites was used.

The presented design model also came with four doors and a separate luggage compartment door on the left and a newly developed tricycle landing gear with nose wheel fluttering open. The new wing indicated a relatively small negative wing sweep and are not braced. The model was used as a test vehicle and demonstration model for new and further developments at Cessna.


Since August 2011, the prototype with the registration N99110 no longer on the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration ) is listed registration. The whereabouts of the concept aircraft is not known. Cessna has the information about the NGP prototype away on his homepage.

Pictures of Cessna NGP