CF Pachuca

Club de Fútbol Pachuca, after the hometown also briefly called Pachuca, is a Mexican football club that plays in the Mexican Primera División.

The team was founded in 1901 in Pachuca is the oldest football club in the Mexican Primera División. He referred also like to than the ever oldest existing football club in the country, however, is that in a dispute with the city of Orizaba, which also relies on it to accommodate the Orizaba AC, the oldest soccer team in Mexico.

  • 2.1 National
  • 2.2 International


The end of 1901 established British technicians and miners of society " Real de Monte " in Pachuca Pachuca the Athletic Club, the predecessor of today's CF Pachuca.

In the early days of the English influences were mainly because until 1908 for the first time played a Mexican in the team with. But in 1915 the team consisted mostly of locals. During the season 1920/21 fell apart the successful team that was 1917-1920 series champion in the state of Hidalgo, because most players had been transferred for work reasons to Mexico City. This resulted in a temporary dissolution of the association result.

Only with the introduction of the second league in the season 1950/51 of An incoming now known CF Pachuca club was revived. After winning the second division championship 1966/67, Pachuca was allowed to play in the following years for the first time in the Primera División. After the descent from 1973 you disappeared but for 19 years from the top division, before two more seasons were limited in the first division (1992/ 93 and 1996/97) on an annual basis.

Only since the 1998/99 season Pachuca plays back permanently in the first division and currently lives the most successful period in the club's history. Thus, the club won five league titles since then (his first in the Profiära at all), three times the CONCACAF Champions ' Cup and a Copa Sudamericana.

Champion teams of the Pachuca AC

The champion teams of the past Pachuca AC in the old Primera Fuerza consisted of the following players:

Champion teams of the CF Pachuca

The following master teams of CF Pachuca in the Primera División were the specifications in Mediotiempo removed (only players with at least one application called ).

  • Invierno 1999: Carlos Ignacio González, Jesús Alfaro (Tor ) - Pablo Hernández Roetti, Manuel Vidrio, José Juan Hernández, Alberto Rodríguez, Martínez Adao (Defence) - Gabriel Caballero, Cesáreo Victorino, Octavio Valdez, Alfonso Sosa, Marcelino Bernal, Benjamín Galindo, Marco Antonio Garcés César Gómez, Guillermo Vázquez (Midfield) - Pablo Hernán Gómez, Alejandro Glaría, Gerardo Mascareño, David Patiño ( storm ).
  • Invierno 2001: Miguel Calero, Jesús Alfaro, Rubén García - José Francisco Gabriel de Anda, Marco Sánchez Yacuta, Manuel Vidrio, Alberto Rodríguez, Israel Velázquez, Carlos Morales, Fausto Pinto, José Juan Hernández, Adao Martínez, Gabriel Caballero, Luis Alfonso Sosa Andrés Chitiva, Marco Garcés, Jaime Correa, Jorge Alberto Orozco, Omar Arellano Nuño, Jorge Rodríguez - Sergio Santana, Walter Silvani, Hugo Brizuela, Ricardo Esqueda.
  • Apertura 2003: Miguel Calero, Edgar Melitón - Alberto Rodríguez, José Francisco Gabriel de Anda, Manuel Vidrio, Joel Huiqui, Marco Sánchez Yacuta, Braulio Godínez - Octavio Valdez, Gabriel Caballero, Jaime Correa, Andres Chitiva, Marinho Ledesma, Harold Lozano, Marco Garcés - Sergio Santana, Gabriel Álvez, Adolfo Bautista, Claudio Da Silva, Ricardo Esqueda.
  • Clausura 2006: Miguel Calero, Carlos Velázquez - Fausto Pinto, Aquivaldo Mosquera, Fernando Salazar, Leobardo López, Eduardo Rergis - Gabriel Caballero, Richard Nuñez, Andres Chitiva, Jaime Correa, Marvin Cabrera, Juan Pablo Alfaro, Omar Arellano Riverón, Enrique Badillo - Luis Ángel Landín, Nelson Cuevas, Juan Carlos Cacho, Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez, Hernán David.
  • Clausura 2007: Miguel Calero, Edgar Melitón - Leobardo López, Aquivaldo Mosquera, Fausto Pinto, Fernando Salazar, Marvin Cabrera, Paul Nicolás Aguilar, Marco Iván Pérez, Guerrero, Willy - Gabriel Caballero, Damián Álvarez, Jaime Correa, Christián Giménez, Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez Andrés Chitiva, Edy Germán Brambila, Luis Montes, Raul Ascension, José Francisco Torres - Juan Carlos Cacho, Luis Ángel Landín, Omar Arellano Riverón.



  • Amateur Championship: 1905, 1918, 1920 ( Pachuca AC)
  • Senior Championship: Invierno 1999, Invierno 2001, Apertura 2003, Clausura 2006, Clausura 2007
  • Second division Championship: 1995/96, Invierno 1997


  • CONCACAF Champions ' Cup: 2002, 2007, 2008
  • CONCACAF Champions League: 2009/10
  • Copa Nissan Sudamericana: 2006