CFA is an abbreviation for:

  • Caminhos de Ferro de Angola, the national railway company of Angola
  • Cat Fanciers' Association, an American organization for cat breeders
  • Championnat de France amateur, a French amateur football league
  • Chartered Financial Analyst, the training program for financial analysts
  • Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Football Association
  • Central African CFA franc ( Coopération Financière en Afrique Centrale; Banque Centrale des Etats d' Afrique Centrale ), a central African currency
  • West African CFA franc ( Communauté Financière d' Afrique; Banque Centrale des États de l' Afrique de l' Ouest ), a West African currency
  • CFA franc zone, both currency areas together
  • Civitates Foederatae Americae, the Latin name of the United States of America
  • Color filter array, the coating of a semiconductor image sensor with a color mosaic mask filters, see Bayer sensor
  • Complete Freund 's adjuvant, a pharmaceutical excipient, see Freund's adjuvant
  • Configural Frequency Analysis configuration or frequency analysis, to a method for statistical analysis
  • Confirmatory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, a multivariate method
  • Congregation Fratrum Alexianorum, a Roman Catholic brotherhood, see Alexian
  • Continuous Flow Analysis, a chemical analysis method
  • Crossed-field antenna, a transmitting antenna for long and medium wave
  • Crossing Field Amplifier, see Amplitron
  • Current feedback amplifier, an electronic component, see current -feedback operational amplifier
  • Cyprus Football Association, the Cyprus Football Association
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