CFU Club Championship

The Caribbean Club Championship (English :: CFU Club Championship or CFU Club Champions ' Cup) is an annual under this name been registered since 1997 and of the Caribbean Football Union ( CFU) of organized football club competition for the top teams of member associations. Even before that there were qualifiers of the Caribbean participants for the CONCACAF Champion 's Cup. Eligible are usually the national champion in the National League and the best-placed clubs, the number of participants and the participating countries in the past varied greatly.

The competition is mainly used for the determination of the Caribbean participant in the CONCACAF Champion 's Cup since 2007 and the three Caribbean participants in the CONCACAF Champions League.

The game mode changed so far several times between round-robin tournament with subsequent knockout phase and play-off, pure knock-out system and pure league mode. 2001 and 2002 no tournament winner was determined. Here, both group winners qualified for the CONCACAF Champion 's Cup. 2011 was currently playing the knock-out system for the application.

The finals and prize