Cha 110913-773444

Called Cha 110913-773444, sometimes shortened as Cha Cha 1109-7734 or 110913, discovered in 2005, is a planetary mass object. The celestial body is too light for a brown dwarf and can therefore be considered as a planet without a star with a mass of about eight Jupiter masses and a radius of about 1.8 Jupiter radii.

To Cha 110913-773444 exists a dust disk in which planets and natural satellites could form. The object has an age of a few million years.

Cha 110913-773444 was discovered with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which examined the cosmos in the field of infrared light. U.S. astronomer Kevin Luhman had discovered in 2004 the then smallest known brown dwarf, which is also surrounded by a protoplanetary disk of dust. This property - called OTS 44 - has fifteen times Jupiter's mass and could therefore be just considered as very low-mass brown dwarf. However, Cha 110913-773444 has only about half the mass of OTS 44