The Chachani

The Chachani (also Nevado Chachani ) is located north of Arequipa, in southern Peru. As the north-east of Arequipa located Misti is he of volcanic origin. Its summit is 6075 meters above sea level.


Technically no difficulties of Chachani like the Misti. The Chachani is serpentine paths and reachable in a day. Since 2007/2008 it is in late summer snow-free ( until the end of November). In the remaining time crampons are required, a backup with ice ax and rope may be necessary at much snow. Through the melting and thawing of permafrost, there is a significant and very dangerous rockfall, the more difficult the climb. Due to the changes is a new route in planning, which should be opened in 2009.

Agencies in Arequipa offer two day tours (you can the Chachani but also in one day make ). The cost of a two-day tour are about 130 U.S. dollars. Guests are accommodated with an SUV at about 5,000 meters above sea level, from where the first base camp is reached in about 1.5 hours. Since mostly no oxygen masks part of the equipment, an acclimatization is necessary. The six to eight hours long climb to the summit begins at night, in the late morning then you reach the top.

Pictures of Chachani