Chad Brock

Harold Chad Brock ( born July 31, 1963 in Ocala, Florida) is an American country singer.


Chad began his musical career as a member of the school choir. Encouraged by his music teacher by forces, he found more and more pleasure in singing, although his real passion was sport. A career as a football player failed due to knee injuries. After abandoning his studies he worked for a time as a car salesman.

End of the 1980s, he joined a band, in 1992 he moved to Nashville. It was not easy to get a foothold in the local music scene. A friend gave a contact with Warner Brothers, but a record deal did not materialize. The heavyweight Brock then worked for more than two years as a professional wrestler before forcing him Abduktorenverletzung a lengthy task.


Meanwhile, Chad Brock had worked musically upwards. He played with his own band in clubs and accompanied established stars on their tours. In 1998, a contract was signed with Warner Brothers. In the same year he released his debut album, Chad Brock, which he dedicated to his late music teacher. The single from the album Ordinary Life reached number three on the country charts. His second album, Yes! was published in 2000. The single of the same became his first and only number - one hit. The produced 2001 album, III, was unable to continue the legacy of its predecessor.


  • 2005 - Free ( Broken Bow )
  • 2001 - III ( Warner Brothers)
  • 2000 - Yes! ( Warner Brothers)
  • 1998 - Chad Brock ( Warner Brothers)

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