The Chahar ( German pronunciation: Chahar or Tchachar ) ( Chinese:察哈尔) are a Mongolian tribe that speaks the dialect Chahar Mongolian.

The Chahar inhabited at the time of Kublai Khan, as his personal - according to other sources: over eignetes by his brother Mongke Khan - fief, the region around Jingzhao (now Xi'an ). After the overthrow of Mongol rule in China (1368 ) they moved from Shaanxi in the Southeastern Mongolia, where they presented a Tümen / Tumen (military unit with 10,000 men ) under Dayan Khan and his successors.

Under the pressure of Altan Khan Chahar the mid-16th century covered under the leadership of Darayisun east to the Liao River. Beginning of the 17th century led Ligdan Khan because of pressure by the Manchus an expedition to the west, but died on his train to Tibet in Gansu Province, whereupon his son surrendered to the Manchus.

The ruling family of Chahar had to about 1663 good relations with the ruling family of the Manchu until Makata Gege, the daughter of Huang Taiji Mandschuherrschers and wife of Chaharfürsten 1663 died. When the three feudal lords rebelled in 1674, there arose also the ruler of the Chahar against the Qing Dynasty, but was soon defeated, whereupon the Chahar were reintegrated into the system of the Eight Banners and now directly subordinate to the emperor.