Chaika (car)

The Chaika (Russian: Чайка for seagull ) is a luxury car manufacturer Gorkowski Awtomobilny Zavod (Russian Горьковский автомобильный завод ( ГАЗ ), English transcription Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod ( GAZ ), German: . Gorkier Automotive), which from 1959 to 1988 in two models and variations in the USSR was built. Predecessor was the GAZ -12 ZIM.


The first model, the GAZ -13, was introduced in 1959. During the ZIL -111 served as a state coach for the highest government officials, the Chaika was provided as a representative company car of the state apparatus and place in this environment, a certain distribution. Below the Chaika M21 Volga was settled. In design followed the GAZ -13 unmistakable line of Packard Patrician model year 1955. Completely shaped differently, according to the taste of the 1970s, came along in 1977 the GAZ -14. However, its technology was largely based on the previous model.

  • Total production: 3,179 pieces, of which 20 as a combined ( GAZ- 13S ) and some convertibles ( GAZ- 13B)
  • Body: 4-door sedan with 7 seats, 2 - or 4- door convertible, 5 - door wagon version

In the rail Historical Park Budapest a track inspection car on Tschaikabasis is obtained. In Vietnam in 1959 was a car "Triumph" made ​​, which was based on the Volga M21 and its front design to the Chaika was 13 ajar.

The Chaika was an official car, which was usually delivered at high functionaries of the Soviet bloc. In the Soviet Union there was for the Chaika but also an official factory price. Individuals in the GDR was merely the acquisition of discarded cars possible. According to reports, discarded Chaika especially families with many children to have been allocated.

Market situation

A well-preserved Chaika from the 1980s was still trading in 2005 at prices around € 17,000. At the turn time were Chaika 13 in Berlin Unter den Linden for 5,000 DM for sale. In the last 10 years, prices have risen rapidly. Meanwhile, the Chaika is even traded significantly higher than the model vehicle Packard Patrician. A good copy ( sedan ) is currently fails with collector values ​​of € 50,000 and more -making; Convertibles have been sold for seven-figure euro amounts. The Chaika 14 is priced on par with its predecessor in the meantime. Due to the problematic situation Chaika's spare parts are indeed maintained, but very rarely restored.