Chakosi language

Spoken in

  • Niger - Congo Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Kwa Nyo Potou - Tano Tano centrally Bia north Anufo




Anufo is a now highly endangered West African language. However, it is the official language of the monarchy Tschokossi.

Northeast in the area of Wawjayga in Ghana Anufo can be found with about 66,000 speakers from the people of Anufo ( 2003). In Benin talking about 13800-17000 people Anufo, can be found in Togo about 54,000 speakers. In Togo Anufo is also used as a trade language.

Alternative names: Chokosi, Chakosi, Kyokosi, Tchokossi and Tiokossi.