Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

  • Kishore Kumar: Manmohan ' Manu ' Sharma
  • Madhubala: Renu
  • Ashok Kumar: Brijmohan Sharma
  • Anoop Kumar: Jagmohan ' Jaggu ' Sharma
  • K. N. Singh: Raja Singh Hardayal
  • Mohan Choti: Maujiya
  • Veena: Kamini
  • Sajjan: Prakashchand
  • Sahira: Sheela
  • S. N. Banerjee: Kishinchand
  • Cukoo: dancer (guest appearance )
  • Helen: dancer (guest appearance )

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (Hindi: चलती का नाम गाड़ी, Calti kā Nām Gari ) is a Hindi comedy film by Satyen Bose in 1958 He is regarded as the most well-known co-production of the brothers Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Anoop Kumar..


The brothers Brijmohan, Manmohan and Jagmohan Sharma perform an auto repair shop. One day the beautiful Renu comes into the workshop because her car broke down. While Manmohan her car repaired, Renu leaves the workshop with the car without paying in advance. Manmohan discovered her purse in the workshop and finds a ticket to a concert.

Now he decides to go to the concert to get his money for the work done. However, since the card is reserved for Renu, he will not be admitted. Therefore, he waits in Renus car and sleeps there from boredom. As Renu gets in the car, she did not notice him and drives her car into the garage. After Manmohan wakes up, he is also equally caught by a staff member. Immediately take Manmohan flight.

The next day Renu needed help again and assured the brothers to settle their old score yet. Now the shy Jagmohan tried to repair the car, as he meets Sheela, he is nervous and needs the help of Manmohan attention.

Meanwhile Renus father Raja Hardayal Singh is busy, who wants to marry his younger brother with Renu. Renus father does not know that Raja is a criminal who is only after his money.

At the meeting between Manmohan and Raja, Manmohan is reminiscent of an incident - he was a witness to how Raja had dumped a dead body on the road. Manmohan takes Renu with him in order to protect them from Raja. However, they are prevented from Rajas alleged younger brother in the escape attempt.

Then they come in captivity where they meet Kamini who was forcibly married to Raja, only to get at the money her father. During the conversation it turns out that she was once Brijmohans girlfriend. Kamini tries to help them escape, but it fails, so Kamini can only flee alone and Brijmohan brings to help.

Finally Renus father is blackmailed and threatened. But before the situation escalates Brijmohan intervenes in the action and the three brothers defeat the villains. Ultimately, they celebrate a triple wedding: Manmohan takes to wife Renu, Brijmohan is reunited with his Kamini and Jagmohan 's youngest brother marries Sheela.


The lyrics to the partly influenced by Jazz music by Sachin Dev Burman Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote.


Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi was the second highest-grossing film of the year 1958 in India.


Shortly after he started, the film shows his indifference to chronological consequences.