Champaign (Illinois)

Champaign County


Champaign is an American university city with 75 254 inhabitants ( as of 2007) in Champaign County, Illinois, and is located about 250 km south of Chicago. With Urbana together, it forms a twin city ( Urbana- Champaign, also known as Champaign - Urbana or Chambana ), which is strongly influenced by the University of Illinois. Together with the nearby village of Savoy form the Champaign and Urbana Champaign - Urbana Metropolitan Area.


Champaign was founded in 1857 as West Urbana, since the history of the Illinois Central Railroad a few miles west of the town ran past Urbana. 1860, the town was renamed with the awarding of City dignity in Champaign. Its name comes from the name of the city of the county in which it is located, which in turn is named after Champaign County in the U.S. state of Ohio.



Champaign is located at the intersection of several highways: Interstate 57 north to Chicago and south to Effingham and Cairo, Interstate 72 west to Decatur and Springfield as well as Interstate 74 west to Peoria and east towards Indianapolis. The U.S. highways 45 ( parallel to I-57 ) and 150 ( parallel to I-74 ) passing through Champaign.


Champaign is located on the Amtrak line from Chicago to New Orleans. It is served by three trains daily to and from Chicago; two have Carbondale, and the other New Orleans as a southern destination station.


Next, the city with the Willard Airport ( CMI) has an airport, which is served by American Airlines (Chicago and Dallas ) and Delta Airlines (Detroit ).

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