Champigny -sur -Marne is located in a loop of the River Marne, a French town with 75,800 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ), about 16 kilometers southeast of the center of Paris.



Champigny -sur -Marne extending over four cantons and is itself the capital of three of these cantons.

  • Canton Champigny -sur- Marne Centre (approx. 26,000 inhabitants)
  • Canton Champigny -sur -Marne -Est (approx. 24,000 inhabitants)
  • Canton Champigny -sur -Marne -Ouest (approx. 18,000 inhabitants)

The fourth part of the municipality in the canton of Bry -sur- Marne.


Champigny -sur -Marne consists of 12 districts:

  • Bois l'Abbé -
  • Centre
  • Cités Jardins - Les Boullereaux
  • Coeuilly - Les Perroquets
  • Les Coteaux - Musselburgh
  • Le Plant
  • Le Plant - Curie
  • Maroc
  • Mordacs
  • Plateau
  • Tremblay
  • Village Parisien


Champigny -sur -Marne is the third largest city in the department of Val -de- Marne. Throughout France, the place is located in relation to the population at No. 59 Approximately 54 % of residents are 39 years or younger. Thus, Champigny -sur -Marne, a city with a relatively young population.


The town has a railway station Les Boullereaux -Champigny on the railway line Paris -Mulhouse, this is served by the RER line E ( line branch E4). There is another station with the name Champigny in the network of the RER on the line A ( line branch A2). This is on the opposite bank of the Marne in the town of Saint -Maur- des-Fosses.


  • Germany Bernau bei Berlin, Germany, since 1962
  • Italy Rosignano, Italy, since 1963
  • United Kingdom Musselburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Nicaragua Jalapa, Nicaragua, since 1983
  • Portugal Alpiarça, Portugal, since 2006

Associated with the city of personalities

  • Samuel Benchetrit (born 1973 ), film director, screenwriter, actor and writer, born in Champigny -sur -Marne
  • Guy Bontempelli ( born 1940 ), author and translator, born in Champigny -sur -Marne
  • Étienne Brûlé (1592-1633), French explorer
  • Georges Wilson (1921-2010), actor, born in Champigny -sur -Marne
  • Madame Polaire, dancer, singer and actress, died in 1939 in Champigny -sur -Marne and was buried there.