Chancellor (education)

The chancellor of a German university is the Director of Administration and member of the Rector's Office or the Bureau. He is the supervisor of the non-scientific or non-artistic staff and responsible for the budget, the real estate as well as for legal and other administrative tasks.

The salary in Germany for this office is regulated by the Federal Remuneration Act and depends on the size of the university from before the introduction of the W salary scale for these offices in many states was the compensation between A15 and B5, Today chancellor of public universities usually by W3 plus aushandelbarer entertainment allowances paid.

The Chancellor of universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and most countries of the Commonwealth of Nations is the formal head of the institution, but usually takes only a representative function (Honorary Rector ). The title of Chancellor is often given to prominent personalities such as Princess Anne is Chancellor of the University of London. At the University of Durham this office are due to the respective Bishop of Durham, who is also the supreme Authority ( Visitor ) as the legal successor of the founder. The rector of the university in the German sense, then, to the Vice-Chancellor. The chancellor of the university in the German sense, the Registrar (University of Cambridge: Registrary ).

Historically, the Chancellor of the representatives of the Emperor or the Pope, who has donated to the University or has authorized its construction. Later, the representative of the sovereign or the state government. Just such a background is the reason for the name Chancellor in British universities, these officials ( bishops ) Vice - Chancellors appointed soon, which perceived the actual tasks. Administrative manager was always the "Lord of the acts", which were then known as registers, hence the current name of the local administrative head.

At Catholic universities in Germany is the Grand Chancellor (Latin Magnus Cancellarius ) today the supreme representative and the immediate contact of the Pope and the Congregation for Catholic Education. This is to diocesan institutions of the local bishop, and it thereof also are exceptions. So after decision of the Freising Bishops' Conference is not the Bishop of Eichstätt Grand Chancellor of the most famous Catholic university in Germany, the Catholic University of Eichstätt- Ingolstadt, but the Archbishop of Munich and Freising. On papal institutions, this is different: For example, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order at the convent's Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome is only the Vice Grand Chancellor, while the office of chancellor is vested by the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education. At the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross of Opus Dei ( also in Rome), however, is the prelate of Opus Dei High Chancellor and his Vicar General Vice Grand Chancellor.