Changgyeonggung [c ʰ aŋk'jək'uŋ ] is a palace under five palaces in Seoul that were built during the Joseon Dynasty. His original name, as it was built in 1419, was Suganggung ( 수강 궁 [ sugaŋk'uŋ ] ). After the renovation in 1483, he received the current name Changgyeonggung. The palace was destroyed during the Imjin War, the end of the 16th century and rebuilt in 1616.

During the time when Korea was a province of Japan, Changgyeonggung a zoo, a botanical garden ( the so-called shōkei Park) and a museum on the grounds of the Royal Palace (then named after the Chinese characters昌 庆 宫Shōkeikyū ) from the Japanese provincial government set up. The South Korean government made ​​in 1983 to remove the Zoo and the Botanical Garden. Both is now in Gwacheon, a 75,000 inhabitant city on the southern outskirts of Seoul, reachable by underground line 4