Channel 4

Channel 4 is a British television channel, which was founded in 1982 and privately, that is about advertising and other commercial activities financed.

The station is under the control of the Office of Communications and has a public service remit. The Normal channel is broadcast in all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland. In Wales, Channel 4, however, is to be received on digital TV in 2010 only since the changeover. Previously there was S4C broadcast instead analogous to the channel on which a mixed program from parts of the Channel 4 program and broadcasts sent in the Welsh language. With the availability of the full Channel 4 program was a purely walisischsprachiges S4C program.

Channel 4 gives together with Saatchi Gallery Art Prize 4 New Sensations.


Owes its name to Channel 4 the fact that in the founding in 1982 in the UK were only three stations, both BBC channels BBC 1 and BBC 2 and ITV Parliament decided to establish a fourth program. On November 2, 1982 Channel 4 went on air. In 1990, the station was privatized. His audience, it increased in the 1990s, in particular through the acquisition of sports rights, the American television series such as ER and Friends and reality TV. The attached film production company that was forced to close in 2002 due to massive losses, contributed films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Trainspotting to the program. Since 2002, the shipments by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver at Channel 4 are to be seen. Meanwhile, the station also operates a number of other channels, including " Film4 ", " E4 " and " More4 ", which are also free-to- digital since 6 May 2008. Channel 4 itself was likewise applied to Astra 28.2 degrees East unencrypted. Thus, since 6 May 2008, all Channel 4 programs are sent uncoded with England Beam, which can be received with little effort in the west of Germany.