Channing H. Cox

Channing Harris Cox ( born October 28, 1879 in Manchester, New Hampshire; † August 20, 1968 ) was an American politician and from 1921 to 1925 Governor of Massachusetts.

Early years and political rise

Channing Cox attended to 1901 Dartmouth College and then studied until 1904 at the Law Faculty of the Harvard University law. Politically, he was a member of the Republican Party. From 1911 to 1919 he was a delegate in the House of Representatives from Massachusetts. After that, he was 1919-1921 Vice- governor and deputy governor so that Calvin Coolidge, as his successor, he was elected in November 1920.

Governor of Massachusetts

Channing Fox took up his new post on January 6, 1921 and was there until January 8, 1925 exercise. During this time, the banking laws of the State have been changed. The claims for victims of accidents at work were increased and child labor was further restricted. At that time, compulsory education was introduced in the whole state of Massachusetts. Real estate agents were first coated with a tax on their profits.

After the end of his governorship to Cox withdrew from politics. He worked in a private law firm. At times, he was also active in the banking sector and in industry as a manager. Channing Cox died in 1968 at the age of 88 years. With his wife, Mary Young, he had a child.